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mYngle CEO: one of the 50 most inspiring women in tech

It is a great day to start off the week today, announcing that our CEO, Marina Tognetti,  has been nominated by the INSPIRING FIFTY foundation one of the 50 most inspiring women in tech in the Netherlands for this year.
INSPIRING FIFTY is a great foundation that encourages all those women who want to work in the technology field to get inspired, with a “yes, you can do it” approach.

Technology is in fact a field where female leadership is still very much under-represented. As we all know, a low percentage of women are in the board or leading Fortune 500 companies; but even a lower percentage is owner of a tech company. Only 5% of tech start-ups are owned by women. And those start-ups owned by women only 4% receive venture capital funding.

Technology is revolutionizing every part of our life and our society. Yet women are still not participating in this revolution in sufficient numbers. The tech world needs to be shaken and women need to gain awareness of their potential and capabilities and push themselves behind their limits.

INSPIRING 50 wants to give examples of role models that can inspire more women to start in the technology sector. This is one of the reasons that is making us proud of having as lead of mYngle a role model and reference point for all the aspirant successful women in tech.

Marina is among those fifty who are challenging the status quo in 2017, demonstrating that technology is a field women can access and excel in.

This prize will be added to the belt of the Awards and recognition she has been winning during her journey as a CEO and Founder of mYngle, bringing language learning for professionals to the next level.

We, as mYnglers, are honored to take part of mYngle’s success, hoping to broaden our worldwide reach to those professionals who are still looking for an effective and tailored made language learning program.

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6 Comments on “mYngle CEO: one of the 50 most inspiring women in tech”

  1. Riad El Ahmad Says:

    Her success is one stone of the hard contribution from female, to raise the percentage of female leadership in Technology field.

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  3. rainbow lu Says:

    At registration time, after filling in the information, cannot continue to jump to the next step

  4. Taiseer farhat Says:

    Friday, April 05, 12:00 hrs your time

  5. Taiseer farhat Says:

    I would like to start my lesson on Friday 05 April 2019 AT 12.00

  6. Frahiya Nur Says:

    preferred to have female teacher