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Team building activity at De Ceuvel

On Friday, 10th of March the mYngle team was blessed by a pre-spring sunny day in Amsterdam at De Ceuvel to get the hands dirty while contributing to an inspiring and environmental sustainable project!



All the participants at the volunteering day @De Ceuvel


It was an intense and rewarding day, collaborating to the concept started by De Ceuvel in 2014.

Located in Amsterdam North, De Ceuvel has an intriguing story that dates back to 1919, when the construction of the Shipyard Volharding started and with it a long chapter of shipbuilding activity that lasted for 80 years.

In 2000, the shipyard closed its doors to become a sustainable office park “De Ceuvel” in 2014, the year of its official opening.

Since then, the contaminated site has been transformed into an inspiring, sustainable place – the most unique urban experiment in Europe, with its projects and concepts based on the sustainability of living and working.

A broad spectrum of projects is carried out daily @De Ceuvel. Here you can find the Biogasboat project (learn more here: http://www.biogasboot.nl), the Circular Buiksloterham, Compost Toilet, Heat Exchanger, Helophyte filters, and many more.

Our team had the chance to work on two main projects. We split in different groups, together with other brave employees and volunteers, and we got involved in:

  • Upcycling project

Main objective of the day was to set up the recycling house, where waste would be separated according to its material. We built its roof and use our creativity to recycle the litter collected in the neighborhood to define the different material sections – glass, paper, plastic, metal and organic. We definitely felt we fully applied one of their core concepts: turn what many people view as waste into something of value.



  • Gardening project

Most of the plants @De Ceuvel are destined to absorb the pollution and metals coming from the past time this ground was devoted as a shipyard. Keeping this in mind, we were involved in uprooting those plants carrying the metals inside their veins.

After that, we got the ground ready to plant other plants that would also contribute to slowly purify the ground. We had real fun while digging, clipping, raking and trimming – under the sun and a magnificent blue sky!




Satisfied and proud of our productive day, we ended the day enjoying a great beer at the Café De Ceuvel!



Looking forward to the next team building activity!


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