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Did you know?

egbert34×45.jpgGreetings Mynglers,

Every day we realise more and more that a new concept like Myngle raises a lot of questions. We do our utmost in answering questions through Customer Service as well as education onsite. One extra channel will be the ‘did you know section’ on our blog. You witness the birth of this today. Here we go.

Did you know?

  • Myngle’s community almost consists of 10,000 students and teachers in total?
  • Myngle’s visitors come from 156 countries?
  • There is demand for 120 languages on Myngle now?
  • Teachers can use lesson material created by Myngle for free?
  • You can see all available lesson material here?
  • You can also use lesson material from other teachers if they allow you?
  • These courses are called shared courses?
  • Lessons go through virtual classrooms, avalailable for you to use?
  • Skype is integrated in these classrooms?
  • Myngle has a new office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands?
  • Myngle employees come from all over the world?
  • The country where most visitors come from is France?
  • Number 2 is United States?
  • Soon languages schools will have their own area on Myngle?
  • Language schools can use Myngle to offer refreshment courses to their database of former students?
  • Many more enhancements and features will be introduced soon?
  • Tetyana is Myngle’s Matchmaker who helps students find the right course/ teacher and vice versa?
  • Students can pay teachers directly prior to the lesson through Paypal?
  • Teachers can get consultation sessions from Myngle for free?
  • Myngle has a feedback system which enables students to give ratings to teachers, so other students can see how teachers performed in the past?
  • Myngle has 4 founders, 2 coming from eBay and 2 from Berlitz?
  • Myngle was selected one of the 50 most promising high growth companies in the Benelux?
  • You can send in funny movies about languages so we can post this in our fun section?
  • I will be back soon with more did you knows?

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