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Updates on Myngle shared courses!

Danilo pictureHello Myngle teachers!

We have some great news! We’ve just updated the lesson materials we’re making available to you! These are courses our wonderful team of instructional designers and linguists are making for you to use freely on your Myngle lessons.

At this moment we have the following courses you can add to your profile (and more to come!):

To start using these courses it is very simple (and free!):

  • log-in with your Teacher account;
  • visit the course’s web page;
  • and then click on “Add to my courses”

Thats it! The course will be added to your profile. It is also important for you to check the lesson slides you’ll use, right before each lesson. This way you’ll be very well familiar with these materials prior to each lesson you give with them.

Any questions and/or suggestions about these materials, please let us know.

Have fun teaching!

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