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Myngle invited as inspiration provider on Innovation Playground ’07

egbert34×45.jpgHey everyone,

Last week we came into contact with the organisers of Inspiration Week. Inspiration Week Live is an (open) podium bringing business concepts in direct contact with some of the most inspiring people, technology, design, content and brands. This year the climax of the Inspiration Week program will take place in the football stadium of The Hague, The Netherlands in week 48.

Myngle was asked to be inspiration provider for Innovation Playground 2007, the World’s Leading Cross Industry Idea Generating Program. Innovation Playground is the climax of Inspiration Week Live.


What will happen on Innovation Playground?

350 invited participants are divided into cross industry teams (Example: representatives of KLM, IBM, Microsoft, TNT, IKEA) and work on developing business concepts on the spot. For inspiration a line up of 100 inspiration sources (prototypes, demo’s) is organized.  Visualizers, professional moderators and an ‘army’ of students are present to support the concepting.

At the end of the day 75+ concepts are being displayed. All people present receive 1 vote. The concept with the most votes receives a prize.

So on this day (November 29) Myngle is asked to give a demo. Of course we will let you know what the outcome of this day is. We look forward to share our innovative platform with great thinkers. Who know what comes out of it. Bust most of all we are proud to be invited in this stage of our development.

Be back soon for more news on Myngle.

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