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What’s in a name?

marina-klein.jpg Hello everybody,

many people have been asking us how the name Myngle was born, whether we hired an expensive agency to find for us good potential names or had it already in mind from the beginning. Well, reality is less fancy than that; but, if you believe in coincidences, then it can be more special and a bit mysterious.

This is the story of Myngle:

We were a small team, trying to give an exact form to something that was still more an idea than a real business. During the first period, we were using the code name Yilian which is mandarin for easy + link. This because our initial focus was on mandarin, while quite soon we discovered that the platform should not be limited to one language, but be open to all, be the marketplace for all language students and teachers. We were keeping on postponing the final decision about the name, because we knew it was an important one.

Then we decided the time had come to give identity to our idea. We organized a series of brainstorming sessions via Skype, with a team scattered across 4 continents. The name had to be different, stand-out in a crowd, sound exclusive yet communicate our core values:
– Accessible to anyone, empowering people, offering new opportunities
– Strong sense of community interaction among people
– Friendly with a fun game-like feel

But important requirement was that it had to be available in dot com. This proved to be one of our first challenges as we soon realized that all names we could possibly think about were not available anymore.
A bit discouraged, a bit on the warrior path, I decided to turn around the process and, instead of creating names that were always taken, select instead potential candidates that were available. Logic first step was then to look in the domain names’ aftermarket.
Well, do you believe in coincidences?

When you meet just the right person, or get the right word…
It is hard to believe it, but the moment I opened the www.tdnam.com website, there it was: Myngle.com! Available, first in line waiting for a new owner to bid on it, and no bidders yet, expiring in less than 5 minutes! It didn’t take me long to realize that it was just our perfect match, and that maybe names are like dogs: they choose you! I put my bid, the first one, crossing my finger in order that no one else would find it in time. 5 minutes after we were the proud owners of our new brand name.
Our dream had now a name and that name was also its identity.

Maybe some people would have preferred a structured problem solving and organized analisis/solution equation. But this is how it went, for real. And we will never know if it was pure coincidence or Myngle was simply supposed to be.

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