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Did you know…?

my-picHello Mynglers!

How much do you actually know about MYNGLE ?

Here are some interesting facts that you maybe didn’t know east inflatables blogyet:

Did you know that……..

• Myngle currently offers 1,037 courses ?

• The top 5 courses on Myngle are: CERVANTES Spanish Basic with certified Diploma, French Basic- A1, Spanish Basic- A1, English Basic – A1 and Italian Basic- A1?

• courses are taught by 289 teachers?

• Myngle teachers come from 104 countries?

• you meet your teacher in your own virtual classroom?

• all you need is broadband connection?

• having a skype is usefull but not mandatory?

• because Myngle classroom has audio as well?

• Myngle has an office in the USA as well?

• Myngle won 4 international awards already?

• thousands of lessons take place on Myngle monthly?

• meaning that Myngle is one of the largest online schools in the world?

• Myngle teachers are carefully selected and trained?

• Myngle has an own affiliate program?

• You can also get your own banner from Myngle to put on your blog or website and link to your profile?

• Myngle also offers giftvouchers you can use to surprise someone?

• We have free study tools for you to use as you wish?

• We also have a shop with self study material?

• Myngle offers Aula Virtual Espanol in co-operation with Cervantes? 120 days of self study software for 56 euro only?

• Myngle has partnerships with big organisations such as KLM, NDTV, Aiesec and Lancelot?

• Myngle’s twitter account has over 900 followers?

• Myngle has its own fanpage on facebook?

• Myngle is a pioneer of online language learning through live lessons?

• The name Myngle comes from the English word to mingle which means to mix, to join with others?

• The Myngle logo also represents a teacher teaching two students?


• The myngle team currently includes 12 different nationalities?

• The Myngle headquarter is in Amsterdam?

• Myngle was founded on July 1 2007?

• Myngle now has almost 100.000 users?

Happy myngling to all of you!


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