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Myngle in Social Media

 egbert34x45 Hi all,

Those of you who read the Myngle  newsletter, A peek from the beak, know it already. Myngle is present in many places on the web.  You want to be the first to hear about Myngle’s company news, industry data and and marketplace dynamics? Follow Myngle on Twitter and you will be the first to know all about it.

On Facebook you can become friend of Myngle Parrot. Also on Facebook, you can use the Myngle Facebook Application (widget)  ‘I have something to tell you” with which you can surprise a friend with a personal message in another language. Also don’t forget our company profile on Linkedin, increase your network (and your fun) on Hyves and look at our photos on Flickr.

Join the Myngle community… everywhere.

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One Comment on “Myngle in Social Media”

  1. Klara Says:

    Hi Egbert,

    Thanks for inviting me to link with you in Linkedin. I hope that this will be an avenue for students who want to book in Myngle, specially my course Tagalog. There are many students registered in Myngle under Tagalog courses and honestly, I have emailed almost all of them but very few replies or those who replied thought the lessons are free. There is only one serious student there….NEILO, MY ONE AND ONLY….and I am very happy with the outcome of his effort.

    Thanks for your effort of helping your teachers.
    Good luck.