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Myngle wins Accenture Innovation Award!

Dear Myngle community,
it is with great excitement that I inform you that yesterday we won the Accenture Innovation Award!

Amongst 230 companies that applied, Myngle was first selected as one the top 5 that would present the concept in front of a jury panel from broader media, consulting, investment world. Quite exciting!
As founder of Myngle, I recorded a short 1 minute pitch, which was showed already in a posting below, and a longer one, which was shown during the conference, you can watch it here too:

During the pitch, I thought I had to be myself, and tell the real reasons that had brought me to start Myngle. It is not only about business, but also about some idealistic little voice inside me that sometimes speaks somewhat harder; something that made me believe that there are possibilities within our capacity that can really make a difference. I had a dream… that was Myngle J

On the day of the Award, all 5 finalists made a short 5 minutes presentation that had to convey the essence of the company and its innovative nature. Criteria for evaluation were innovation, success and potential. The reactions were enthusiastic and I was handed the ‘Blue Tulip’ award for ‘best innovative concept’ in the media and communication industry.

On behalf of the professional jury, nice mention was made about why Myngle won: “Everybody in the field of educational publishing is talking about how to combine IT, education and media technology. Instead of talking, you just started doing it, even on a worldwide scale.”

You can see the film of the presentation and award we won at: mms://stream.nuguru.tv/keiretsu/accenture08.wmv

To find the right moments in the film:
The presentation at min. 28:30
The award at hr. 1:30:50

Apart from the glory, we will get a lot of press attention in the next few days as well as got awarded a check to be spent on media for the value of 50.000 EUROS!

Thank you to you all who believes in us, make part of our success! We are just at the start of something really beautiful.
Myngle is rocking to the sky!!


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11 Comments on “Myngle wins Accenture Innovation Award!”

  1. KirstenWinkler Says:

    I am really really happy and proud that you made. Being part in this thing is the most impressive moment in my teaching carreer :).
    But this is only the first step. Wait where we will be next year!
    Cheers to all of you,

  2. Klara Says:

    Dear Marina,

    Thank God,YOU MADE IT! Deep in me, please accept my heartfelt Congratulations. I am so proud of you! And being a believer of Myngle, this is something that proves the basic, humane and the sincerest motives that link people from every corners of the world. It’s not only the combination of IT that proves Myngle as an INNOVATION FOR MANKIND, but as I have always wrote in most of my postings, the BEST REASON, beyond physical.
    Marina, I am so thankful that the jury saw YOUR HEART, and not you as a businesswoman. Your Mom , Madame Helma, your family, Myngle staff and of course your teachers, who put their trust in what you have dreamed and who believe in its results, are for sure, so proud of your achievement.
    I will continue to hope and pray that as Myngle grows globally its basic ideals and principles are still set on ground so as to remain a healthy institution for REACHING OUT….for MYNGLE INNOVATES THE WORLS FOR A BETTER PLACE TO BE.
    MUBUHAY KA. You deserve it. I am so proud of you.


  3. marina Says:

    Thank you a lot, Kirsten and Klara.

    And also thank to the team who followed me in the crazy idea, through the rollercoaster of the initial period, and thank to the fantastic community, who has been patient with Myngle pitfalls, supporting and so enthusiastic.

    This Award for Innovation proves us all we were right to belive in it and that are going the right direction!

  4. Jos Bos (Josbie) Says:

    Hi, my deepest congratulations to the team of Myngle ! What a great result of all your efforts ! Of course I am proud to say that I – being a teacher at Myngle – am a member of this fantastic company.
    Carry on like this and I wonder what will happen in 2009…

  5. Marina Petrovic Says:

    Congratulations to Myngle!!! I’ve been surfing the internet for a decade now, and Myngle has been unique to me from the very start. In the ocean of faceless sites, Myngle emerged as a group of friendly smiling faces, willing to help and encourage. What can a teacher say, but ‘keep up the good work’ and BRAVO :o)

  6. Masreya Says:

    Mabrook Myngle
    as i said before, you well deserve it , you done an amazing Job, so much effort, hard work and time, this is the least to be expected !!
    by the way
    The presentation at min 38.30
    not 28.30 😛

  7. Tetyana Says:

    This was an amazing moment, seeing recognition for the virtual baby we’ve created which wasn’t even there a year ago. Fantastic! It’s an award for all of the Myngle community as we are building Myngle together, from all corners of the world. Indeed, let’s see where we will be a year from now on this incredible journey. Kudos to all Myngle community!

  8. Danilo Says:

    A great milestone in Myngle’s history 😀 As Tetyana mentioned above, it is very nice to see the recognition given to Myngle by other professionals in the IT and media. It gives us an extra assurance that we’re really building something fantastic.

    All of this thanks to our wonderful team and community. We are all building this together so, thanks and congrats to ALL MYNGLERS!

  9. aubrey Says:

    Yeah! a virtual baby yet soaring high like a phoenix! I feel great to be part of this wonderful site. My career is also soaring high asmyngle flies high. I just hope to be part of this forever.. i wish…..

  10. Lingua Says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  11. bazi Says:

    merci merci