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Myngle Success Board: Triple digit growth for 3 months in a row- Myngle is flying!

Dear Myngle community,

September was a fantastic month for Myngle as it really took off in the summer and now it is flying higher and higher. We all deserve this after the hard work of the first months, all of us. Myngle’s team and our valuable community made all of this, so I am proud to share with you the fantastic results.
September was a month of all time highs, in booked lessons per day, paid lessons given, teachers growing to coloured stars 😉 Results well above expectations!


– We passed 23.000 registered users, and keep growing!
Paid lessons more then doubled from August, proving that students are happy with Myngle and with the great teachers we have. Third month in a row with triple digit growth!
– All time high of 120 bookings in one day.
– We launched a lot of new features! We are now accelerating development so that Myngle will really be your ideal platform. You can count on that!
– Especially the new whiteboard was a success!
All time high in direct traffic
– Myngle selected in the top 5 most innovative Companies by Accenture, to present in front of a jury on the 23rd of October.
– We more then doubled the amount of new teachers now visible on Myngle, from 300 to currently 739 visible teachers. Many more teachers are registered on Myngle, when you are ready, we will make you also visible.
– Our most successful teacher to date gave 367 lessons!
– But there are more teachers really successful: an additional 10 teachers already gave more then 100 lessons!
– Some students are really ‘fanatic’. The most enthusiastic Myngle student already took 67 lessons!

So, what else can I say? Myngle rocks!

It seems as the negative financial climate has not impacted Myngle at all. On the contrary, people are discovering that the value of Myngle can also be found in getting good value for money in difficult economic periods.

Thank to all of you for these great results.

We will keep on growing! 🙂


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6 Comments on “Myngle Success Board: Triple digit growth for 3 months in a row- Myngle is flying!”

  1. Elisa Says:

    crazy numbers 🙂 I am so happy to see Myngle growing and, above all, to know that so many students started new languages or improved others…I wish I could be a full time myngle student 😉

  2. Heike Philp Says:

    My heartfelt congratulations! Well deserved.

    Rgds Heike

  3. Hala Says:

    This is great news, and nothing less than what we expect from Myngle, everyone has put theri heart and soul in building it, i can only expect it to grow more and more and …..
    lets keep on the good work guys 😉

  4. hauhShipietle Says:

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  5. Sandra R Says:

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