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Japan, Sweden, Holland best broadband Countries in the world

Hello Mynglers,

a few days ago I was reading an interesting article about internet and broadband penetration and it appears that Myngle’s home country, Holland, is N.3 worldwide in quality of broadband penetration after Japan and Sweden!

I already knew that Holland had a very good infrastructure, with the Amsterdam Internet ExchangeAMS-IX, which has the highest volume of peering parties for a single Exchange in the world (over 290 connected parties coming from all around the world).

But I did not know that Holland was also in the top 3 for the best quality broadband internet. This is the result of a research done by the universities of Oxford en Oviedo. This research took into consideration not only the broadband penetration but also the speed of the connection and its quality.


To calculate the speed of the broadband, the research used the website Speedtest.net.
In total were conducted 8 Million tests!

The top 10 Countries with the best quality broadband internet are:
1. Japan
2. Sweden
3. Holland
4. Letland
5. Korea
6. Zwitzerland
7. Litouwen
8. Denmark
9. Germany
10. Slovenie

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