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Sinterklaas at mYngle

Christmas. This is the time that unites all the people around us. There is a magical atmosphere. All cities light up with lights, and so do children’s excited faces with smiles. The feelings of love, happiness and kindness are just floating in the air. People are running around searching for gifts, shops run out of the wrapping paper – all this hassle is still weirdly bringing the feeling of joy. And what is the best way to spend this beautiful time of the year? Right, with your family and closest friends. But that magical Christmas still has to come.

For now we have just celebrated Sinterklaas –  this is the time when mYngle unites. We see each other every day during work, but this time we got together as a small family, which we are. Yes, we might have some differences, which are only because we have such a culture clash. We have Italian passion, Latin temper, Nordic spirit, Russian strength, Chinese persistence. We sat by one big table, all together. Eating, chatting, laughing and having fun. We cooked dishes from all countries, we cooked with love and passion. We had a secret Santa. All of us got a special gift for someone, being totally clueless who we got our gift from. We even released our inner poets by writing silly poems related to our gifts. This was not the Christmas that you spend at home in the end of December, but it was close. It was a little mYngle Christmas.

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