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Christmas Dinner

Remember how we said that Christmas is the time that unites all the people around the world? Yes, that is true. But Christmas is also the time when everyone needs love. Not everyone has a possibility to be with their loved ones. Not everyone has someone to take care of or someone who would take care of them. People should be kind every single day. But during Christmas it is especially important to give. And not only physical gifts – care, attention and love are intangible, but the most precious of gifts.

This year we decided not to simply have a fancy dinner with the whole company, but we decided to give. To whom, you may ask? We decided to cook a big dinner at an elderly house: we got all the ingredients, rolled our sleeves and started cooking. Now, that’s team spirit! Cooking a lasagna and tiramisu in a limited amount of time for 36 people is tough, but we did a good job. Stress and tears from cutting onions were definitely worth the smiles on the faces of our hosts. After this we finally had our big dinner, but this is the Christmas spirit. And a smile on people’s faces is a gift on its own.

Merry Christmas!


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