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vladimirovvs (11)
Viewed: 815 times
Studying: English
Speaks: Russian(native)
Location: Vladivostok, Russia (GMT/UTC +11:00  )
Age: 40
Gender: Male  
Interests: Travel, Reading, Music, Sports, Movies, Business, Technology
Lessons completed: 11
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Last login: 07/12/2013
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  I'm learning: English (Intermediate)
English (Advanced)
  Lessons completed: 11
Personal Information
Having worked as an economist for ten years I still believe that there are things which cannot be calculated and priced. I'm really grateful to my family for treating my dreams with respect and patience. Being interested, in addition to my work, in photography, science and literature, I try not to forget about my favorite sports activities - freediving and snowboarding. I think that it would be very useful to learn methods which are used by our colleagues overseas to compare them with ours and to understand whether we are on the right way. Good English is a very important point on the way to that goal and I believe I will be able to achieve it.