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Spanish teacher

Teaches: Spanish
Speaks: Spanish (native), English (Advanced), French (Advanced), German (Pre-Intermediate)
Courses: 6
Classes taught: 105
Location Cartago, Costa Rica (Switzerland - Zurich - +01:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +02:00 )  
Age: 35  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
2008 Training for teachers of Spanish as a Foreign Language. 2009 Degree in Spanish Language and Literature. 2007-2011 Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language in Costa Rica 2013 Certification course for tutors and examiners of DELE B1-B2. 2014 Certification course for tutors and examiners of DELE C1-C2. 2016 Certification course for tutors and examiners of DELE A1-A2. 2010- now Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language abroad in Belgium and Switzerland.
Offline teaching experience: 12
Online teaching experience: 10
Learning Spanish with me means an effective and educational approach to the Spanish language, it is also an encouragement to learn from the very beginning to the most advanced level. All the lessons'supports are carefully designed and prepared for each student in order to arouse interest in the content so that learning takes place smoothly, without necessarily realising it. My didactic method is based on the communicative approach known as linguistic immersion . This means that the courses are taught entirely in Spanish even for the complete beginner. During each lesson, the grammar will be approached in an active and pleasant way. Subsequently, the student will apply the knowledge learned through conversations related to different subjects from daily life. In order to ensure continuity of learning, the student will receive homework to be done at the end of each lesson.
Personal Information
Hola, ¿qué tal? Mi nombre es Carlos, ¿y tú? Is it time for you to learn a new language or improve your level? Whether one or another, due to work or personal reasons, go take a look at the options to start or continue learning Spanish. Find the most convenient lesson for you, personally designed. Every lesson is different and dynamic because I work on several levels of language learning. I come from a small country in Central America known for the beauty of its nature: Costa Rica. I am a native Spanish speaker, I hold a Degree in Spanish Language and Literature as well as three accreditations as a DELE Examiner (Certificate of Spanish as a Foreign Language), I also have a long experience of more than 10 years in teaching Spanish to adults, teenagers, elderly people and children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, both in a traditional environment as well as with new virtual distance learning methods. My lessons are dynamic, with a lot of diverse resources and always in a laid-back mood to make you feel comfortable.
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-7%)
  • €17.67/lesson
  • USD 20.52
  • €1767/package
  • USD 2051.84
  • 45 min. (-6%)
  • €22.56/lesson
  • USD 26.20
  • €2256/package
  • USD 2619.67

  • Book
    50 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-6%)
  • €17.86/lesson
  • USD 20.74
  • €893/package
  • USD 1036.95
  • 45 min. (-5%)
  • €22.8/lesson
  • USD 26.48
  • €1140/package
  • USD 1323.77

  • Book
    30 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-5%)
  • €18.07/lesson
  • USD 20.98
  • €542/package
  • USD 629.37
  • 45 min. (-4%)
  • €23.07/lesson
  • USD 26.79
  • €692/package
  • USD 803.55

  • Book
    10 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-1%)
  • €18.9/lesson
  • USD 21.95
  • €189/package
  • USD 219.47
  • 45 min. (-3%)
  • €23.3/lesson
  • USD 27.06
  • €233/package
  • USD 270.56

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    Full immersion
  • Intensive language course
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  • €542 per package (30min. lessons)
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  • €15 per group lesson
  • USD 17.42

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    Students Feedback: 4
     Posted on November 07 2016
    Carlos is one of the most passionate, amicable, flexible, and open-minded language teachers that I have ever had. His lessons are interesting and he modifies them to the student's ...
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    Spanish for beginners A1-A2 by argo286
    Language: Spanish Lessons: 10
    Level: Basic    
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    Spanish for Intermediate learners B1-B2 by argo286
    Language: Spanish Lessons: 15
    Level: Intermediate    
    <p>In this module you will learn to deal with more diverse and complex situations using your Spanish skills. You will learn how to clarify and explain situations in past, present and future,... more
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    Meet your teacher by Myngle Courses
    Language: Personal consultation Lessons: 1
    Level: Basic    
    Your learning needs analysis session. This is a material that teachers can use for their first lesson, or introductory lesson to be acquainted with the student.
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    Spanish conversation lessons by argo286
    Language: Spanish Lessons: 10
    Level: Advanced    
    <p>This course is specially designed for High Intermediate and Advanced students. During our lessons, we will talk about many different topics from diverse fields (from general to specialize... more
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