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English and Chinese (Mandarin) teacher

Offering extra material for free ! EMAIL ME FOR FREE TRIAL !    Oct 02 12:19AM
Teaches: English and Chinese (Mandarin)
Speaks: Chinese (Mandarin) (native), English (Advanced)
Courses: 7
Classes taught: 971
Location Mr Yin, China (China - Beijing - +08:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 54  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
certificate issued by government for Chinese teaching to foreigner. HSK Test tutor.
Offline teaching experience: 19
Online teaching experience: 14
WHEN YOU WERE FRUSTRATED BY YOUR PREVIOUS CHINESE LEARNING, YOU WILL BE CONFIDENT THROUGH THE LESSON TAILORED BY YOUR PERSONALITY ! Interesting Topics Always ! Have taught foreigners from many different countries around the world how to speak Chinese for 11 years. I have worked closely with westerners which has given me a deeper understanding of western thinking and culture, which helps me relate even better with all my future students. I’m one of the few male Chinese teachers and will be able to adapt my teaching style to your unique personality. I have taught almost all of my students 1 on 1 for maximum language development. Have taught the practical curriculum called “Chinese Made Easier” for 14 years, I’ve found it is tailored to help westerners learn quickly. I’ve also taught Chinese children how to speak English for 11 years.
Personal Information
Learning Chinese to adapt your favorite approach ! Tailored Chinese lessons with free audio each time for review. Especially for advanced students. I am a native Chinese teacher. Teaching foreigners how to speak Chinese is my favorite job. I’m a licensed instructor and have been teaching foreigners for 14 years. I like sports, traveling and cooking Chinese food. I can patiently teach all levels of language learners from beginners to advanced(including HSK). I individually cater my teaching style and classes to each students personality and learning style. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience, from which I can relate to each students particular interests easily. During classes students will focus on their own interests to gain conversational practice and I know how to answer their questions and solve their problems using simple, easy to learn Chinese. I help students overcome and work through the toughest hurdles and barriers in language learning so that they will be able to speak well. I mostly teach in Mandarin Chinese; however, I also speak 2 other Chinese dialects from Changsha and Shanghai. Usually we can get the best fit for you after your first lesson. ************************************************************ Free digital text and audio can be downloaded after you book your lessons on Myngle each time.So you can also study them by yourself and take the lessons with me through Myngle virtual classroom.Tutor for HSK and offer similar test paper HSK during having lessons.
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100 Lessons
  • 30 min. (-25%)
  • €10.5/lesson
  • USD 12.19
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    10 Lessons
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    Students Feedback: 767
     Posted on March 10 2010
    Today was another tough challenge for me, that is very good for my motivation! I am looking forward to the next lectures and continue to improve. Thanks again!
     Posted on May 05 2009
    Thank you very much for this and all the past lessons. Excellent teacher: I would recommend him to anyone who would seriously learn Chinese.
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