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Dutch teacher

Teaches: Dutch
Speaks: Dutch (native), English (Advanced)
Courses: 1
Classes taught: 6
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands (Netherlands - Amsterdam - +01:00 GMT/UTC, now DST +02:00 )  
Age: 58  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
I studied Dutch language and literature in Leiden. I lived in the old center of this beautiful town. It was a great time. I started teaching Dutch as well. I was always interested on how people are learning a language that is new for them. Leiden is an attractive city for Students from all over the world. My first lessons to foreigners were in my 'stamkroeg' = favorite bar. I am allowed to teach 1st degree on High-Schools: preparing young people to go studying at the University. After some ti
Offline teaching experience: 0
Online teaching experience: 2
I always tell my students that language is a bit like clothing. When you are learning a language, you choose the words that fit you. Just like the clothing you wear fits your “style”. This means that when I teach you, I custom make your lessons. Every time I give you a lesson, your “costume or dress” will be adjusted to your demands and improved where necessary. Of course, for “working clothes” there are different rules and demands than for a “tuxedo or a party dress”. I could not the the way I am teaching now without experience. I started to teach teenagers in international classes. They had to learn Dutch very fast because lessons were in Dutch. Later I specialized in teaching adults. I prepared them for the Inburgeringsexamen. After doing this for awhile I started teaching students for the Staatsexamen as well.
Personal Information
I was born in Rotterdam. I studied in Leiden. I live both in Paris and Rotterdam. I like to read and I am a book collector. My special interest in reading is “The Beat Generation”. Some of these writers were living as expats in Paris, so there is the link. I love to visit museums and I am especially interested in contemporary art. Rotterdam is a modern city with good museums. Needless to say that Paris is a connaisseurs heaven Thanks to my job I learned a lot about all the different kind of people that are living in a multicultural society like Paris or Rotterdam. I learned a lot from all these people as well. As a teacher I worked in high-tech classrooms and I worked - standing on my socks - in mosques as well. I share my life with a woman who is far more intellectual than I am. I have two teenage girls who are studying harder than I ever did. I have a dog that is outsmarting me all the time. My personal motto: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.
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