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Spanish teacher

Teaches: Spanish
Speaks: Spanish (native), English (Proficient), French (Proficient), Italian (Upper-Intermediate), Japanese (Basic)
Courses: 3
Classes taught: 4
Location city, Spain (Mainland, Baleares, Melilla, Ceuta - Madrid - +01:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 51  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
I have a diploma in Linguistics studied The National University of Colombia.
Offline teaching experience: 15
Online teaching experience: 2
I have more than fifteen years of language teaching experience in Latin America, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Paris and New York. The experience I have in teaching includes language academies Like Front Office English, Passport English and Conquer English, focused on students with business purposes especially. I have also worked with children from ages 6 to 15 years in Language academies, such as ABC Language School, Hispanic World Language School and Future English, Power Learning and Berlitz Language School among a few of the academies that I've worked with.I have also taught many private lessons and on-line lessons for students of all ages and many different purposes. I have taught many students with different interests in learning a specific language. Among the most common interests are travel, studies, work or business and leisure. In my experience On-line lessons are much more personal and for that reason the lesson needs to be prepared more carefully in order to avoid the student being distracted and bored by silence or any other factor that could affect the lesson. In my experience, the younger a student learns a language, the better pronunciation he could get from the learning and the faster the process of learning it becomes. It doesn't mean that an adult student couldn't learn as good as a young one but the effort has to be bigger depending on the age. Conversation is my main focus in my lessons and through speaking I explain the grammar and make emphasis in important details of the language I'm teaching since conversation is the most important part of any language. I customize each lesson for each student according to his/her interests to motivate them in the topics they are interested in learning. Mistakes are an essential part of learning and by that I give confidence to my students in order to not feel pressure by making them and fearing to feel ridiculous or judged but on the contrary to learn from their mistakes and that's why I teach my students with patience.
Personal Information
I consider myself a dynamic and creative teacher who gives confidence and motivation to each of his students. My main focus is conversational, without leaving out reading and writing. For me is very important to prepare carefully every lesson and be ahead of how the lesson is going to develop from the beginning until the end of it. I always look forward to give my 100% in each student so that he/she would feel the need to be looking forward for the next lesson. Every process is different and every student has his/her learning pace and that's why patience is so important when it comes to teaching a Language. I also use music as a very strong weapon of teaching since it helps develop the ear while is has resulted to be a fun way to learn for students of any age.
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