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Chinese (Mandarin) teacher

Teaches: Chinese (Mandarin)
Speaks: Chinese (Mandarin) (native), English (Proficient), Spanish (Proficient)
Courses: 1
Classes taught: 4
Location Beijing, China ((South, Central, and Eastern) - Mexico City - -06:00 GMT/UTC, now DST -05:00 )  
Age: 52  
Gender: Male  
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Professional Experience
I am a certified Mandarin teacher by Confucius Institute.
Offline teaching experience: 4
Online teaching experience: 2
I am enthusiastic about helping people learn Chinese, especially if they are interested in learning Chinese for travel or business. I specialize particularly in helping English-speaking professionals achieve work and career goals, including adding the ability to converse in Chinese to their credentials. How do we learn Chinese? ✔ Goal-oriented. A clear and concise study plan is created based on your background and goals. ✔ Diverse learning forms. We can use simulations and different scenarios, analysis of articles, correction of writing&translation. ✔ Regular review and summary. This is to help you know your current progress and next tasks.
Personal Information
★Ph.D. candidate in Beijing, China. Majors: Diplomacy, English Literature&International Politics. ★Trilingual speaker: Chinese, English&Spanish. ★Specializing in teaching HSK/HSKK with four-year experience. I offer four types of classes: 1) HSK/HSKK Test preparation: Practice with HSK Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading, including explanations of grammar points. 2) Structured Classes: customized learning materials are provided to meet your demands. 3) Conversational Chinese: We will talk about any topics you are interested in such as sports, movies, travels, politics, music, etc. 4) International Relations in Chinese: This course provides you with knowledge of IR in Chinese, helping you master current, accurate terminology.
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