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French, English and Hindi teacher

Teaches: French, English and Hindi
Speaks: French (native), English (Proficient), Hindi (Proficient), Spanish (Intermediate), Bengali (Intermediate)
Courses: 2
Classes taught: 65
Location Paso Canoas , Costa Rica (GMT/UTC -6:00 )  
Age: 50  
Gender: Male  
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Meet your teacher by Myngle Courses
Language: Personal consultation Lessons: 1
Level: (Basic)
Your learning needs analysis session. This is a material that teachers can use for their first lesson, or introductory lesson to be acquainted with the student.
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Basic french conversation by AnicetM
Language: French Lessons: 5
Level: (Basic)
<p>Greetings</p> <p>How to introduce yourself and others (name, profession, country of origin)</p> <p>Use of simple questions</p> <p>Use of negation</p>
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