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team building
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We offer team building experiences to motivate and unite your teams. Your team can be in different countries, but they can join online training anytime, anywhere. We used our online expertise to offer new interactive and practical team building training to make your teams better.
Trainings can be delivered online, and also live on-site.
Twist your brain Mental & communication skills.
How to work and co-operate online.
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Find solutions Creative & collaboration skills.
Get to know each other, co-operate intensely.
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New energy Thrills & skills, shake up your team.
Refresh the spirit of your team.
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Together Don't go solo, help & support.
Reboot acceptance of each other.
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Ice-breaker Powerful kick-off for new teams.
Great start of a new project team.
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Mental & communication skills


Thinking out of the box is the only way out.
If the challenges in Find Solutions were intriguing, here you will find the next level.
Challenges of all kinds, from logical questions to never-before-seen puzzles, will be what you will face to demonstrate the strength and cohesion of your team.
Lateral thinking, problem anticipation, decision making are only a fraction of the skills being trained.

Online: 1 to 3.5 hours
Live on-site: 1 to 3.5 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Creative & Collaboration skills


A solution focused team is essential to remain competitive in today's day and age.
Thus, it is important to nurture and challenge your team's resolving spirit periodically.
The challenges will tickle different areas of intelligence. From logic to emotional intelligence.
A good opportunity to show off skills already in place, and a great opportunity to learn and enhance some new ones.

Online: 2 to 2.5 hours
Live on-site: 1 to 3 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Thrills & skills, shake up your team


Dynamism is the keyword here.
Remote or live, teams will be engaged in highly dynamic and fun activities.
They might be roaming around the world virtually or hunting hidden treasures around the city: no way in these experiences to be inactive.
A new energy lymph will spread through the whole group.
Great as a break during long meetings or as stand-alone teambuilding that shakes up the team.

Online: 1 to 2 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 4 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Don't go solo, help & support


The Power of many as the Power of one.
If you are looking for an activity that can best represent the previous sentence in action, this category is for you.
Teams are faced with different challenges where at the end they can triumph only collaborating with each other.
Each member puts his or her talents at the service of the common goal. Together they reach milestones that could have never been reached individually.

Online: 30 min to 2.5 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 4 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]

Powerful kick-off


A name, an agenda.
Here you will find exactly what's in the title: ice breakers and energizers.
It might be at the beginning to loosen the tension before introducing another activity or a speech, or it might be in the middle to energize everyone, here you will find something that fits your agenda.
An occasion that also fosters participants to get to know each other, in a better way, and sometimes from new points of view.

Online: 15 min to 2 hours
Live on-site: 30 min to 3.5 hours
Costs: please fill out the form or mail to [email protected]


MYNGLE is No1 in live online language lessons. We developed the highest quality live virtual classes more than a decade before the coronavirus outbreak.

Now we have used our competitive edge to create personalized online
leadership and team building training. The results of the training are the same
as if it were conducted face-to-face on-site.