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Convenient lesson packages

Benefits of lesson packages

The biggest advantage of buying a lesson package is that you commit yourself to continue learning a language. An added benefit is that you will be able to make precise arrangements with your teacher about when your lessons will be held. Besides, lesson prices in a package are much cheaper than individual lesson prices. Buying a package can save you up to 40%.

Lesson packages for every need

For any level of intensity and budget, Myngle has a range of lesson packages on offer that allow students to book lessons with a considerable discount. Our lesson packages can be selected on size or intensity, all according to your personal needs. With our full-immersion package for instance, students can quickly learn or improve a language by having up to 30 daily lessons for a period of one month. If you are not in a hurry, then our 10, 30, 50 or even 100-lesson packages offer the best low-cost solution for your learning needs.

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language student Dana Wang
Student on Myngle
❝The Myngle method has proved to be effective. It's very difficult for me, living in a small town, to find a well prepared teachers in languages other than English. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!❞
language learner Martin Scheepbouwer
Student on Myngle
❝On, I know that I am using my time wisely and I can see results fast. Lessons are flexible at after office hours and weekends which to me is essential. The classes are created to exactly suit my needs. Moreover, I can take lessons regardless of location, very helpful if you are a frequent traveler. It's a very interactive and effective way of learning.❞

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