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During the past months, Myngle has experimented with a novel learning approach offered to our student community. We offered unlimited 30-min lessons which created a language immersion atmosphere for participating students. They could see themselves progress much faster and found it easier to find 30 minutes of their time several times a week.

Look at what some of our students have to say about their experience:

"I am surprised how much my Italian has improved! Besides, with 30-minutes lessons I never get too tired, I really feel they are much more effective than a longer one, and fun at the same time." (student Micros)

"I have improved so much with the Myngle summer promo and [teacher] Stephanie's patience, skill, and attention, that I signed up for September as well." (student Shinfu)

Now it's your chance to experience this learning boost with Myngle!

What is Myngle Learning Boost?

  • Unlimited 30-min lessons during 30 days from the date of your subscription for a EUR 99 fixed fee
  • Any teacher listed in Myngle with a 1 Month Daily price of EUR 150 or below can be booked at a special Myngle price of EUR 99

For how long does the campaign last?

The Myngle Learning Boost lasts for 30 days from the date of your subscription. You can register any time in the month and enjoy unlimited lessons during the following 30 days (for example a subscription on 31 October offers lessons till 30 November).

How can I subscribe?

Register at as a student and subscribe at the special Myngle price in MyMyngle. Myngle recommends using PayPal as the easiest and safest method, but if you prefer to pay using a credit card or a bank transfer, please write to [email protected].

What is important to know for a student?

What is important to know for a teacher?