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National Volunteering Day: Pampus Island Edition

Its 8:45am, the guardian is perched on the Pampus Island outpost. He is awaiting a boat, but today, unlike in World War II, he is not patrolling for German soldiers. He’s on the lookout for the Myngle Volunteering Team; armed and ready to restore the islands fortress. A smile appears on his face, he spotted them, his cavalry is arriving… Aaah how times quickly change!

For National Volunteering Day, the Myngle team embarked towards Pampus Island; a sea fortress that protected the harbor of Amsterdam in WWII. Nowadays, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, symbolizing a cultural heritage that needs to be maintained.

Instructed by the Islands’ guardian, the Myngle team undertook various roles with the sole aim of restoring the island to its full splendor. So what does this entail? We brushed away spider webs, swept the floor, painted walls, polished windows, repaired furniture, and refurbished a boat!  The day was not only dictated with the benevolence of volunteering and the hard labor it necessitates, but most importantly it was a moment for the team to bond…filling the fortress with laughter and smiles for years to come!

Its 5:00pm, the guardian is perched on the Pampus Island outpost. He stares in the distance, a boat is departing the island. A frown appears on his face, he spotted the Myngle Team leaving…Aaah how times quickly change!



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