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Myngle and the LANCELOT School partner to train teachers

profile-picture-dec-09-thumbnail Hello Mynglers,

Many of you are already familiar with the work of the LANCELOT School, as trainers, language educators, and thought leaders in the world of online language training.  Several of the teachers on Myngle have  been able to benefit from the experience of Heike Philp, Holly Longstroth, and other educators involved with LANCELOT.  They are, without question, some of the most experienced and knowledgable trainers of online teachers in the market today.


We are incredibly proud to have set the foundation for a long-term partnership with the LANCELOT School to give the opportunity to Myngle’s teachers to be trained by them.  LANCELOT has created a unique workshop for Myngle’s teachers to enable them to learn how to maximize the use of the virtual classroom, improve the use of various online tools, and give guidance on how to market one’s work on the web.  Additionally, LANCELOT’s accredited course will be available for Myngle’s teachers who want to deepen even further their expertise and prepare for an eventual LANCELOT Certification.  We will soon communicate directly with all the teachers some of the logistical details on how the training will take place.

mynglecertified21lancelot-trained2 lancelot-certified2

In a language education environment where live online teaching is continuing to grow and become an evermore accepted mean of instruction, the collaboration between Myngle and LANCELOT reaffirms the quality, professionalism, and dedication to excellence of our industry.


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7 Comments on “Myngle and the LANCELOT School partner to train teachers”

  1. Aniya Says:

    Sounds great!!!

  2. Ana Lucía Says:


  3. klara Says:

    This is really a great project of Myngle that moves toward helping online teachers to be more adept in their own field.

    It’s a fact that nobody claims to be an expert because there are always rooms for improvement.

    Great idea!!


  4. Carlos Says:

    Genial Stefan!!!!!!

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  6. sararezk Says:

    it’s a very good idea to be formed by myngle, but can you tell me how i can be formed by myngle

    it will be online ?, how many hours a week ?

    so please contact me to explain the organization of this training.

    Thank you

  7. Harry Russell Says:

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