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Google’s plan to overcome language barriers


Hi everyone!

Some big news for everyone struggling with language barriers: Google is developing a software for the first phone that will be able to translate foreign languages instantly combining in voice recognition and automatic translation.

If they succeed, this could completely transform communication between different languages and also influence language learning.

If you want to know more about Google’s ambitious plan, check out this article

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8 Comments on “Google’s plan to overcome language barriers”

  1. Bill Chapman Says:

    I wish Google well but, as a linguist, I’m not convinced that they are aware of the enormity of the task that faces them.

    I advocate a non-technological solution, i.e. wider use of the planned international language Esperanto. At least we know it works.

  2. KirstenWinkler Says:

    Sounds like the classic VC question comes in handy: “What if Google decides to come on your market?” Who will need language teachers anymore?

  3. ChinaMike Says:

    I predict this will create demand for hands-free phones for the bedroom. I’m going to get started on the design…..

  4. chinamike Says:


    I figure teachers working on the German/English interface will be the first to go along with French/Spanish and Italian teachers (bye-bye). Its gonna take much longer to get Chinese and English figured out. Too many food names they are never going to get figured out.

  5. KirstenWinkler Says:

    Never doubt the power of the “G”, Mike 🙂 Listen to Chewbacca!

    But I totally agree, germanic and romance language teachers will be the first.

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  7. amicamia Says:

    the voice recognition and automatic translation on Google …? slowly & slowly …time will come and we’ll say bye bye teaching foreign languages face-to-face & online 🙁

  8. Jean Lionnel Says:

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