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Myngle in Keynote speech on e-learning 2.0; Consumers lead the way


Hi all,

This week, on February 2 & 3, the 11th national e-learning congress of The Netherlands was held in Philips High Tech Campus, Eindhoven.

First keynote speaker was Vincent Everts. Vincent is one of the top 25 speakers in The Netherlands and an innovation guru,  trendwatcher, passionate speaker, consultant, debate leader and video blogger. A man with original ideas who forges innovative links between new technology and the rest of the world.

We are proud to say that in his 40 minute presentation as keynote speaker Vincent mentions Myngle as the way education should be in the future. The part about Myngle starts at 25.40 in which he talks about the positive side of transparency on Myngle, and the fact that students can rate their teachers .  ‘Can you imagine how it would be if education would be like Myngle everywhere?”


Everts ‘opinion is that this is the direction in which traditional education should go, but that this will take long because the traditional forces in traditional education will show resistance to change.

But…..as the title of his presentation says; Consumers lead the way, the market will follow.

If you want to see the whole presentation of Vincent (dutch), click here.

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