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Myngle at the Virtual Round Table Conference 2009

StefanHello Everyone,

Yes, I know, I’m slow and this is old news already, however the reason I still want to share it is because one of the features of this conference was the recording of all the sessions, which can still be followed on the conference’s pages Day 1 and Day 2. There are some real jewels for teachers and students alike, truly worth listening.

I had the privilege of sitting on a panel discussion that included Gary Motteram, from the University of Manchester, Shiv Rajetan from LanguageLab.com, and Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone. Valentina Dodge of English360.com moderated the discussion.

The details of the discussion aren’t important for this post. What is relevant is the following about the conference:

– The entire 2-day conference took place online (a first one for me) and it was a very smooth experience. I networked and learned as much as at any other trade conference I’ve participated.

– The innovation, passion, creativity, and energy among the presenters and the listening (and chatting!) audiences was amazing. It was truly an inspiring meeting of like-minded individuals, each making a difference in the world of language education. Absolutely fantastic! The type of gathering that makes me very optimistic about the future of our field.

– The people of Lancelot, have done an amazing job pulling this off. The pioneering work of Lancelot and its partners will be written about in the history books of language education. I’m not joking. These people just blow my mind with their knowledge, passion, and dedication. They are just as excited about technology as they are about the fundamentals of language learning. The combination of both, drives them always to the cutting edge of our trade.

Go listen to it and be inspired!

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