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Myngle at EgypTesol 2009

fotoelyblog-custom1 Salamu alikom Mynglers!

Myngle has attended the EgypTesol conference on 20 – 21 November 2009.

EgypTesol is a professional organization for teachers of English and all those involved in the English language teaching profession in Egypt and 101_1004all over the world.

The Education team (Hala, Soaad and me) has given two presentations at the conference, to meet Egyptian teachers and introduce the concept of online teaching. Our presentation was called ‘Changing the future of language education,’ and it was given inside the ‘Electronic Oasis,’ where professionals interested in implementing technology in teaching could learn about new practices and experiences.

After an introduction on Myngle and the evolution of the education market, we showed the teachers the virtual classroom and we connected with teacher Marina Petrovic for a Serbian lesson. As ‘online teaching’ could still sound very vague, the best way to understand this concept was to see how a regular lesson on Myngle takes place. Marina did a great job!

All teachers attending were interested to understand the benefits of becoming an online teacher. Besides gaining a deeper knowledge and broadening the horizons of a traditional field like the one of education, they can be more independent and self reliant in their work.

101_0976We are looking forward to training and having on Myngle all the experienced teachers we have met at the conference.

One of the best moments of the conference was the meeting with our own Myngle teachers based in Cairo. We would really like to thank them to find the time to join us and to shake hands in the real world.

We are proud to see our Myngle Arabic family becoming bigger and we are happy that more and more students will be able to take lessons from the best and most innovative teachers out there.


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2 Comments on “Myngle at EgypTesol 2009”

  1. Soaad Says:

    shokrun ( thanks) Elisa for summarizing this wonderful event. I was really proud to part of Myngle and I think this convention will give us a chance to have a bigger family of Egyptian Mynglers.

  2. Hala Masreya Says:

    It was such a wonderful experience, many thanks to all the teachers who showed up from Myngle, your support was wonderful, and a very special thanks to the amazing Marina, we cant wait to see all the new great teachers who will join Myngle soon as Arabic/English teachers from here !