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Hello Mynglers!

SIME is northern Europe’s largest conference  and awards about the Internet and digital opportunities. This year SIME took place in Stockholm on 11-12 November and Myngle received a very special invitation for it! We were part of a workshop with the 6 most innovative online companies hosted by Anil Hansjee, Google’s very own Head of Corporate Development!


We had a great time “myngling” and exchanging views on the future of the internet and the mobile world. One of the conference highlights was keynote speaker Paul Holman who wowed everyone by hacking the voicemail of an audience member, remotely from the stage. He concluded his presentation with a series of ideas on improving our world!

The excitement continued when Nokia innovation VP Pekka Pohjakallio, discussed how the Iphone changed the landscape of the mobile world and pointed out the endless possibilities of the Indian market. There were many interesting discussions and presentations throughout the day, like Linda Stone’s presentation. Linda Stone is a writer and former Apple executive and Microsoft VP. She presented a behavioural analysis of the social convention brought to light by new technologies.


Last but not least I must mention Claudia Gonzalez, the superstar of this year’s SIME. Claudia transformed the UN Refugee Agency by using mostly social media such as Facebook and Twitter. She quited her job and now she is focusing on fighting AIDS!

The sessions were hosted by Ola Ahlvarsson, a media guru in Sweden, as well as a passionate Myngle student!  Great to see Myngle spreading through the Nordic Countries. 🙂


SIME was a fantastic experience and opportunity to exchange ideas and meet other entrepreneurs!


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2 Comments on “MYNGLE AT SIME STOCKHOLM 2009”

  1. Paola Says:

    Great! Congrats Myngle team!

  2. marina Says:

    Thank you Paola!