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panos2Greetings  Mynglers!

This post is a bit of a change of pace for our blog. I want to talk about a very interesting tool I came across, while surfing.

It’s called BabelWith.Me

This is a new web-based free chat tool, that enables you to communicate with people using up to 45 languages!

The fascinating thing about this tool is that it translates each message as you are typing it. It’s a real-time translation of our chats and is powered by Google Translate!

BabelWith.Me is breaking every barrier in communication!

It is very easy to use as there is no need for registration and log in.  Once inside the chat-room, BabelWith.Me  provides the user with a unique link, which can be send to friends through Facebook, Twitter or email. Now I can invite all my friends from different platforms and start chatting with them at the same time, without worrying about language and platform barriers!

Online conversations are a big part of the web and BabelWith.Me seems like a step towards a new movement where language is not dividing people anymore! Try it out. It’s really fun to use and maybe you can even apply it to enhance your learning experience.

The world becomes more flat every day!


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One Comment on “BabelWith.Me”

  1. KirstenWinkler Says:

    I agree, Panos. It is really a great tool I wanted to blog about for quite a while now. Just did not have the time.

    As the Google translater is behind this tool it will get better automatically. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that you don’t get a fixed chat room id right now. But it is still alpha, I think 🙂