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1% event- International Cooperation 2.0 (part 2)- Myngle: Education 2.0 in a flat world

photo-marina-tognetti Dear Mynglers,
here I am back for the second part of the report on the event International Cooperation 2.0.

Myngle, although being a commercial organization, could be a good example of ‘flat world’:
•  Equal learning opportunities for students no matter where in the world they are located
•  Equal working opportunities for teachers that can earn a sizable income (sizable compared to local living standards)

The main question is how to leverage this in the benefit of international cooperation, whether there is a need for languages learning or it should instead be taken a step further into broader education.
There are in fact 4 potential beneficiaries in less developed Countries: a)local students, b)local teachers, c)local entrepreneurs, d)NGOs/aid workers.


During the presentation, we asked the attendees to split into sub-groups to discuss about 3 different topics.

Here are some of the ideas and conclusions coming out of the working sessions:
1.   Can language education help social development?
•    Yes, English is needed in many Countries to get better jobs, be able to use the internet etc.
•    Coach local foreign language teachers in order to be better teachers that have high impact on their local community of students
•    Do language swap: local teachers trained in English in exchange for teaching their native language

2.    Can Myngle bring additional job opportunities to less developed Countries?
•    We could offer job opportunities to some Countries with high demand for their native language (example: Spanish from South America)
•    Better trained teachers are more successful teachers, therefore have better chances of getting good jobs
•    In many Countries, women do not easily get jobs outside of their home. Myngle could offer an alternative with a stimulating job within the constraints of their cultural system

3.    How to use Myngle as tool for local entrepreneurs?
•    Make it a knowledge-base in order to exchange experiences amongst entrepreneurs, local and from abroad
•    Use it as a two-ways exchange, not only from coaches, but also as exchange and storytelling…
•    Teach also ‘soft skills’, business skills etc. which are not often taught in less developed Countries

Everybody who is interested in this, please let me hear your voice, opinion, ideas, so that we can start  building this dream into real action. Let’s start small, try, learn, and develop it further.

Thank to all of you out there who share the same dream,

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6 Comments on “1% event- International Cooperation 2.0 (part 2)- Myngle: Education 2.0 in a flat world”

  1. Aubrey Says:

    Indeed you have a big heart Madam Marina. I wish next time youwill also sponsor Philippines..LOL… I can’t do what Natasha offered because i started to sponsor 3 students here in our place – Philippines starting this June – a college, a preschooler and a high school student… This way, i shared the fruit of what i got from Myngle…. Praise God!

  2. Klara Says:

    Dear Marina,

    It takes a rare attitude with genuine and unblemished intention to come out with such an innate glow, radiating outward to the less fortunate. This has been your long dream objective when you were sculpturing mYngle. It’s an immense mind-engineering project that doesn’t take one to tango. When and how to sail on with this noble idea is not a night-sleep time. But with your connectivity internationally and to other Earth Carer Chapters and the presence of your staff, and those who see this as a life-fulfilling experience, I am hopeful that this would sometime take a hand-thrown-stone distance.

    Marina, don’t be apprehensive as your dream has already been realized the moment you planned putting up Myngle. The thought of making Myngle a vehicle to unify, understand cultures, and to reach out different people already manifests your pure intention. And what we, teachers are doing (sharing ideas to shed off ignorance to move on) may in anyway comprise a bit of that 1%.

    The first idea, “Can language education help social development”? Yes, English is really in demand elsewhere. Almost every day, I receive calls from poor countries for help (to teach them English). I would tell them to visit Myngle but they would come back and request for free lessons. Owww!!! Some really plead; others curse online teachers in general due to fees. I would end up giving few free sessions, but sometimes I would give up. I’m burned and worn out. It’s really difficult but there’s a different feeling. I recommended 2 to register as teachers in Myngle so that they can share and earn at the same time. I don’t know the results.

    Marina, as you are really trying to move on with your dream, i just hope that many will move and dream with you. But for sure, I am there.

    Congratulations and thanks for all these. You deserve an an appreciation.


  3. marina Says:

    Thank you both Aubrey & Klara!

    Sometimes the frustration is that it all takes longer than I’d like to.
    I need to keep on taking care of big-brother Myngle commercial, as this needs to be strong if it is to help little idealistic brother.
    Each step takes long, but I know that if the direction in front is clear, we will get there.

    This is the feeling I got at the 1% event: there are so many idealistic people out there, just looking to get the right way to channel all their energy and dreams.

    I am in discussion with some parties to start a pilot.
    I really love doing this, even if it is on the side, on my free time for the moment 🙂

    I’ll keep you informed….


  4. David Says:

    Brilliant concept,This provides a positive contribution to 3rd world aid in a simple yet effective manner.

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