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1% event- International cooperation2.0 (part 1)- Make the world a better place

photo-marina-tognetti Dear Mynglers,

As you know, Myngle-commercial has a little brother that we are nurturing on a side till we find the right way to let him grow. The little brother is the more idealistic part of Myngle, the one that could be made useful to serve a purpose different than a for-profit strategy.

I have been long fostering this idea, trying to find ways to reach out to the less developed Countries and use Myngle as vehicle to bring value there where people have been less fortunate. I still don’t know exactly how and when is the right time to take the dream out to a full-fledged implementation, but in the meanwhile we can work on taking the first steps. You can start small, drop by drop we can make a difference. All of us together.
I’m sure many of us share this idealistic dream….


Last Friday 5th June 2009 Myngle was invited to present at the 1%event – International cooperation 2.0.
From the flier of 1%event: “We are the first generation that has in our own hands the knowledge and the tools to work together on a worldwide scale. If all together we are able to write an online encyclopedia (Wikipedia), then we should be also able all together to solve poverty.”

The 1%club is a great initiative, a company that has a beautiful idealistic vision: 99% for commerce, 1% against poverty.

The founders, Anna and Bart, are fantastic people putting their effort to change the world!

Their belief is simple, and at the same time very powerful: if each of us gives just 1% of his money, or 1% of the time or just 1% of anything we have, we can really make a difference.  A marginal effort for the individual can deliver big results for the whole. We can keep 99% of the rest, but that 1% could be sufficient to change the world, bring a solution to impact poverty.

A beautiful video was used for the start of the conference, which well represents the spirit of this crowd of people who do believe that together we can change the world:

Myngle was one of the 4 keynote speakers, something that we consider an honor as well as extremely interesting, as it means that also a for-profit organization can be leveraged to do some good in the world. The power of all of us together is exponentially stronger than the scattered actions of a few individuals.

The other 3 keynote speakers were very relevant players in the area of social responsibility and cooperation, bringing on the table an impressive knowledge and commitment:
•  Ruud Lubbers: ex Dutch Prime Minister and initiator of Worldconnectors and Earth Charter
•  Kirsten Verdel: first and only foreigner that worked in the Obama e-campagne
•  Bennett Grassano: Kiva- the largest online microcredit, who flew in from Silicon Valley to attend the event

Ruud Lubbers made a very inspiring introduction to the day, talking about the WorldConnectors and the Earth Charter, the place where policy, business and civil society work together on different themes and issues related to international cooperation and the global community.
“There is an additional dimension to be added to the 4Ps– says Lubbers – and that is the P of PNEUMA, which in Latin means ‘spirit’, ‘spiritual’. Earth is a place where we can be globally connected.”

I’ll come back to you soon with some ideas I have


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6 Comments on “1% event- International cooperation2.0 (part 1)- Make the world a better place”

  1. Elisa Says:

    This is one small step taken in the direction of a meaningful contribution to everyone’s happiness…as Myngle grows, this contribution wants to reach more and more people, showing that a healthy business can be also fair. 🙂

  2. Marina Collier Says:

    Marina YOU ROCK! You are an inspiration for other people and I am so pleased I can make a contribution to Myngle 🙂

  3. Aubrey Says:

    I am so proud to be part of this growing site which built by a courageous woman – Marina, a dear woman who not only thought of her own dreams but to help others build their own dreams…. Congratulations ! as always you do what is best for all…. May God continue to bless you !!! I shared the fruits of your labor and i enjoyed them thanks a lot… Because you have a big heart, all your people also have a big heart…

  4. marina Says:

    Thank you all!

    I have a few ideas how we can get started , and the enthusiasm of the people I met at the 1% event only convinced me more that we should start now.
    We have something in our hands that could really bring value in the world.
    Let’s try to find the way.


  5. Natasha Samuel Says:

    Hi Marina,

    I am so pleased by your benevolent thinking. I assure you my full support. To begin with maybe we teachers can sponsor atleast one student who cannot afford the tution fee.
    Each one reach one!

  6. marina Says:

    Hi Natasha,

    I’m so glad to read your proposal, as it is an idea I had in my mind to do.
    I’ll write it in a new blogpost. It is the first small step for much bigger steps that will follow.

    It really makes me happy to see how many of us shares the same idealistic vision. It takes so little to give, but makes such a big different for the receiver.

    🙂 Marina