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Myngle wins People’s Choice Award at Plugg start-ups rally!

egbert34x451Hi all!

As you may know Myngle was nominated for the Plugg top 20 European startups rally. Yesterday was the big day of the award ceremony and we are very happy and proud that Myngle has won yet another prize! The Plugg event was held in Brussels and Marina and me went there to represent Myngle.

All of the 20 nominees started by introducing their company with a short 2 minute pitch. After all companies had their short pitch it was time to decide which three start-ups would proceed to the finale! Our own CEO Marina Tognetti presented Myngle to the jury and her convincing pitch led Myngle to the last three!

In the finale Myngle was accompanied by Mendeley and Jinni. The three finalists all got the chance to elaborate on their company trough a 10 minute lasting presentation. Myngle was the last one to enter the stage for the final pitch and after Marina was finished it was time for the ceremonies! Unfortunately we can’t win everything and we would like to congratulate all people of Mendeley with their first prize!

Of course the People’s Choice Award was still there for the taking and we are very, very happy that our Myngle parrot was able to bring that prize back to Amsterdam! A special thanks goes out to Marina who was able to convince the whole audience that Myngle in fact is the best startup company of Europe! You want to have a look at the Plugg photo’s on Flickr?

All in all we can say that the Plugg event of 2009 was a great success! It received much coverage already, including reviews on TechCrunch , Emerce (Dutch) and many others. Secondly, it showed that the audience was on our side. Not only a lot of people came up to us to wish us luck and saying that they would vote for us, also on Twitter Myngle was very popular. You can read all the tweets about Myngle here.

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