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Myngle on Intermediair

We are happy to share with you a very interesting article that Intermediair, a Dutch magazine, published about Myngle.

Bruno van Wayenburg came into our office, interviewed Marina but, most important thing, tried Myngle and wrote about his experience.

The article has been published on the printed magazine and on the website, it’s in Dutch, but you can always use Google Translate.

It analyzes three different online tools to learn languages. The first of those, and the one that seems more “solid” to him, is Myngle (you know it’s difficult to remain objective in these cases ;-)).

But it also talks about Mynglers!

Bruno was very happy of his Chinese teacher Jue Jiang, takes Klara as an example and tells the story of Micros.

Read it and let us know what you think about it! And see you at the next “what they say about us”!

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5 Comments on “Myngle on Intermediair”

  1. Klara Says:

    The world has many language sites where expats, businessmen, students, linguists and others run to to meet their needs and Myngle is one of them. Others become good avenues for individuals ” Forgotten by Cupid” in their locality to chat and hope for a Prince Charming..not bad, of course.

    Now, with the Wings of Myngle Parrot and the Seeds Sowed from the Myngle Tree of Wisdom are steaming hot like a fresh brewed morning coffee are everywhere, the world and even personalities try to test the crust and the inner core of Myngle. Well, what can they say? (“It’s difficult to remain objective”.). Oh, dear! We have to be subjective. We got the reasons to be!..hehehe. With the 3 prestigious awards that Myngle won as well as the feed backs from personalities, as well from the students, we have to be honestly subjective. What else can they prove? We have them.

    But Marina, we have to be wary. The world is like “Harry Potter”, full of wizards….. Let’s join hands tightly and warmly to be “solid”, as Mr Bruno spoke of Myngle. THEN AND ONLY THEN, THAT NO WIZARD, NO MATTER HOW WISE HE MAY BE, CAN NEVER PLUCK ANY FRUIT FROM THE MYNGLE TREE OF WISDOM AND SOW ITS SEEDS ENCLOSED IN HIS GARDEN, MORESO TO GENETICALLY ENGINEER THEM FOR BETTER AND RESISTANT TREE.

    I congratulate you for this. And thank you so much for remembering me from my poem. I hope I could still help, in any way.

    Mabuhay ang Myngle. (Long Live Myngle.)


  2. Klara Says:


    I have many things in my mind to write about Myngle but my hand is shorter than what my brain dictates. I sent my testimonial back home and they were very eager to open and see MYngle site and they were amazed of the structure and the bright sides of it as they were reading my post. Then my sister wrote back, ” You found a place where you can spread your wings.” Yes, the brain of Marina, together with her staff, is a gift for us. We, in the Third World Countries take Myngle as a job opportunity. If one is lucky enough to have 2-3 students who subscribed the promotion lessons, he would surely be giving a decent treat to his family at the end of the month.

    One man found me and asked me to give him English lessons and I told him to register in Myngle but he had no money. i gave him few free sessions but I couldn’t give him all. He said, ” Where can I find a site that is free?”. I said, “Go to Livemocha; it’s good and it’s free.” After one day, he came back, ” I can’t find a teacher to speak to. Nobody will tell me if I am wrong in my pronunciation or grammar”. I told him to join me in Myngle. I guided him what to do to be a teacher. Few days ago, he called me that he will be having a consultation soon as an Arabic teacher. Both of us were very happy. I just hope he will be considered.

    The FOUNDER erected where we are from her wild dream, uncertain of course at first, but since it’s moulded intricately from unselfishness, it has blossomed beautifully in
    just 12 months.


    This is a big challenge for 2009…..TO KEEP THIS SMALL SPARK GLOWING…..


  3. aubrey Says:

    Well said Tita Klara! Every word you wrote above is very true about Marina. I seconded you. I admire your wits in composing it, putting into words what you have in mind about myngle. I keep on praying for the unity and success of Myngle for its success is our success also!

  4. marina Says:

    Thank you Klara for the beautiful poetic words about Myngle, which are in fact not for me, but a full team of passionate believers and teachers like you, you also believe in the ‘PAY IT FORWARD’.

    When I read about you helping the man who had no money to pay for lesson, and that after all he came back to Myngle to teach, I think that it rightly proves that selfishless behaviour always produces good.

    If each of us makes just a small effort looking at the future, then it all will come back together into a greater result. I think most of Myngle teachers see that. It is our task to help those teachers that share the same Myngle’s vision, up to a point that only those teachers will be present on Myngle, and Myngle will have really spread its wings and fly high in the sky.

    And yes, Klara… I told you that your poem is right up on our wall… It is one of the first things journalists see when visiting our office, together with the awards and main articles published about Myngle ­čÖé


  5. Arlene Says:

    Is there any room for me to add my own admiration for Myngle? I am new to this site and my first time to ever teach online. I found this site by accident ( which I believe are shared by many for then Myngle was still a baby way back in August 2008) and I am so glad that I found Myngle. I searched others but either I found them too complicated to understand and navigate or just that I don’t feel they are right for me at all. And yes, I admit , I also thought they may be not “real” ( bogus? perhaps… ).
    I especially like the warmth communicated by Myngle’s founder , Marina. Sometimes I thought, way back when the students pay directly to the teacher, how Marina could have such faith in others , like the teacher will actually show up for a class and pay Myngle commission! I’m sure there may be others who actually failed her in this regard ( and therefore ruined Myngle’s reputation ) but she continued to believe in the goodness of others. I first saw her in a video when she had a presentation in Accenture and really, she is an amazing , confident woman. And she explained Myngle’s concepts simply and convincingly. No wonder Myngle reaped awards!
    Keep up the good work Marina. We are trying our best to be good Myngle teachers for you!