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What they say about us

Cecilia We would like to start tracking and reporting what people say about Myngle all around the Web.

There are many people out there talking about us and we would like to share with you all these comments, reviews, suggestions, etc…

I would like to start with Kare Anderson blog, called “Moving From Me To We” that is a very interesting blog about sharing, smart collaboration, doing things together instead of alone. In her words: “Let’s share ways to become opportunity-makers with and for each other in our work, personal interests and social life.”
And we are very happy and honored to be included in this list!

Kare Anderson wrote a nice post about Myngle, giving also very good suggestions. Read it and let us know what you think. Thank you Kare for your post!

And you, Mynglers, everytime you find someone talking about Myngle, please inform us!

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