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Myngle presented at the Dutch Innovation Day!

Dear Mynglers,

It looks as we are on the rising wave of popularity, as yesterday I presented Myngle again to the external world. We were in fact invited to present Myngle at the Dutch Innovation Day, a conference organized by Reeds Elsevier, one of the main publishers here in Holland.

Myngle was invited as winner of the Innovation Award 2008 and example of successful innovation. It was the last presentation in the afternoon, introduced as the example of how all the different building blocks of innovation (presented during the day) came together into the realization of a truly new and successful concept. After winning the 2 awards these past couple of months, it seems as we are now seen by everybody as a succesful new player that is already making a difference.

These type of activities are always good for Myngle, as they put it on the radar of the external world. More and more.

In the presentation, I talked about Myngle through its different phases:
a) The idea: how did Myngle get the right innovative idea?
b) The plan: how did Myngle understand the potential and planned for it?
c) Implementation: how did Myngle change a traditional business model and innovate?
d) First success: how does Myngle steer towards long term profitable results?

Myngle progress

Myngle was recognized as a truly cutting edge innovation company, with high potential. We received (again! 🙂 ) many compliments for the concept and how it was presented, we got some new potential students wanting to try (which is always nice) and maybe new opportunities for the future. Who knows…

Keep on the ideal as a light in front of you, and you will get far…
we will get very far… 🙂


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4 Comments on “Myngle presented at the Dutch Innovation Day!”

  1. Bart and Helma Says:

    Yes you will and we know you can!!!

  2. Klara Says:

    Hi Marina,

    It’s always inspiring to know the soaring wings of MYngle. I just hope that this beautiful community won’t be marred by teachers who just say that it’s a free market place and that the best survives.

    Hi Madame Helma. How’s your piano lesson? May be you are too good already and may play for the aged that you and your husband are looking after; I am sure they would be very happy specially this coming Christmas season. I’m so proud of your civic work.


  3. marina Says:

    Thank you Helma and Bart! Toy are always there for me…

    And thank you Klara! I know you follow Myngle on each and every step.

    About your comment, fully agree with you. That is when you move from a nice start-up trying to spread its wings, to a growing successfully company.
    That is going to be our challenge for 2009: professionalize Myngle and make sure it is about quality, and good learning experience for students.
    We are working on this, it will take a few steps, but we know the direction where we have to go.
    Step by step, as we already did…

  4. kare Says:

    Kudos to you for being so innovative and open to the suggestions of others. That Dutch Innovation Day sounds so helpful. Keep up the great work