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Myngle presented at the European Venture Summit!

Marina Dear all,

On 1st and 2nd December I presented Myngle to the European Ventures Summit in Dusseldorf (Germany), a great experience and the chance to meet many investors from the international scene as well as other fellow entrepreneurs.

EVS is a showcase for the most promising ICT, biotech & industrial biotech and new energy entrepreneurs from all over Europe to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking investment opportunities and partnerships.


The initial selection of the participants was done at national level, for Myngle the past spring at the Benelux Ventures 50, where Myngle was selected amongst the 3 most promising ICT companies in the Benelux and therefore invited to participate to the European Summit.


During the summit, I had the opportunity to show Myngle in a public presentation in front of a panel of investment and business experts and an audience of venture capitalists and corporate executives (an 8-minute presentation and a 7-minute Q&A session). Reactions were enthusiastic.
It was clear that we are addressing a real need in the market and know how to execute this, the path to growth is well defined and the presentation received a lot of compliments.
This is always nice. When you are a young start-up, focusing all your time on growing the business, you rarely take time to stop and look at what you have already achieved and the impact you are having. This was a moment of stepping away from the day by day business to have more strategic discussions as well as exploring new ideas.

Also, Myngle is seen as a potentially anti-cyclical business. It is in moments of economic down-turn that individuals and businessess become more cost conscious and pay more attentions to budgets, as well as teachers have more need for additional revenue sources.

The path to success is in continuing growing and learning and evolving.


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6 Comments on “Myngle presented at the European Venture Summit!”

  1. aubrey Says:

    Fantastic Marina! your continues effort in making myngle a perfect site for everyone will soon be rewared. I, for one, is really proud of you… Thanks for all those and Congrats for that successful conference with the investors and capitalists. Your succes is our success too….

  2. marina Says:

    Thank you Aubrey!

    As always say: this would have not been possible without passionate and dedicated teachers like you.
    Yes, the success is for all of us, as we are building together a great company. 🙂

  3. Klara Says:

    Hi Marina,

    Being a part of Myngle makes me feel so proud whenever I read or hear any positive development or continued venture for Myngle which would also mean a bigger market for the teachers. I congratulate you Marina for being adept in this kind of venture. I owe you so much. But I am so sad that I could not voice out my testimonial about Myngle. This is in connection to one of your projects to market Myngle through video. I prepared my best as a witness to this company but…oh my!!. it won’t work in the YouTube because I’m in a place with a very slow internet connection. How I wish i could shout to the world my feeling specially the feedback

  4. Klara Says:

    I got from my students. I hope I could help in another way.

    I am positive that more students will patronize this unique “school”.


  5. marina Says:

    Thank you Klara for your always enthusiastic support of our Myngle. You are one of the beautiful voices of Myngle out in the world, and I am sure more and motre voices will add and everybody will see what we have built with passion and hart and hard work, us, the Myngle team, and you, our loyal users.

    About the video, if you cannot upload it on YouTube, try to send it to us by mail, we will be glad to have your voice out there.


  6. cecilia Says:

    Klara has already sent a very nice video. But I waiting some videos more before revealing where you can watch it 🙂