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Myngle score: Also get your missed ratings rated !!

Hi all,

So how do you like the Myngle score system which was introduced by Tetyana last friday? Myngle score is a valuable indicator of a student’s or teacher’s reputation on Myngle. Your Myngle score includes a Feedback Score, as well as comments from your student or teacher.

But what about the rarings you missed? The classes you took or taught which were not rated? Your deserve the rating so you may want to ask for it.

Your students or teachers can now rate classes which they have not rated yet. When they go into My Myngle, under the tab Past lessons, they can rate the classes which they haven’t rated yet. This goes for all lessons in the past as well, so if a teacher or student contacts you about the rating, point them to this option in My
Myngle, under the Past lessons tab.

Happy Myngling!


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One Comment on “Myngle score: Also get your missed ratings rated !!”

  1. Aniya Says:

    Thanks Myngle staff, really appreciated!