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Internet startups by ex-eBay employees


Hi all,

This one is for once not about language learning. As you may know Myngle’s founders come from eBay and Berlitz. eBay is one of the world’s largest internet companies, but did you know that it exists not much longer than 10 years? Can you imagine the change this company has gone through? 6 years ago when I started, eBay was only about 4 years old with around 4,000 employees, resulting in 14,000 when I left last year!

In the 5 years I have worked with eBay I have worked with the smartest, most energetic, entrepreneurial types in the world. These entrepreneurs, alongside the eBay community, made eBay big. You can imagine that many of these people, like Marina and me, started their own company after working for eBay. But who are these people and what companies did they initiate? Which start ups arose in the brain of eBay employees?

To quote Matthew Winters: ‘very competent people have found their way out of the company to do great things.”

 Let me sum up the ones I know of. I will restrict myself to internet companies, started by people from eBay Inc (eBay,PayPal,Skype). If you have any others which are not listed here, please add it in the comments and I will add them on the list:

Ok we will not be modest and start with ourselves:


Company name and founders:

Myngle Marina Tognetti, Egbert van Keulen
Youtube Chad Hurley, Steve Chen
Yelp Geoff Donaker
Introniche Sam Desimpel
Arena Flowers Will Wynne
Vzaar Adrian Sevitz, Jamie Parkins, Dan Wilson
Slide Max Levchin
EatYourCake Azita Qadri
VirtuOz Pascal Levy-Garboua
Lokaliz Pascal Levy-Garboua
Linkedin Peter Thiel, Josh Kopelman
Icon Mobile Entertainment Gerrit Mueller
Adshopping Dr. Ralph Werner
M10 Joerg Rheinboldt
Founderslink Pascal Finette
Elektronauten Jane & Pascal Finette
Susuh Ute Moritz
Moo Lisa Rodwell
Tokoni Mary-Lou Song & Alex Kazim
Bornforsports Daniel Klarkowski
Pets.be Dries Coucke
Hiogi Bjoern Behrendt

  Quite a list, do you know of any which I missed? Just put it in the comments and I will add it.


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2 Comments on “Internet startups by ex-eBay employees”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hi Egbert,

    Great post and thanks for including me in this illustrious list.

    I’m also thinking off:

    – Dries Coucke: http://www.pets.be
    – Daniel Klarkowski: http://www.bornforsports.de
    – Lisa Rodwell: http://www.moo.com
    – Mary-Lou Song & Alex Kazim: http://www.tokoni.com

    I’m sure there’s even more around, to be discovered in the comments to be added.


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