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Myngle coverstory in ‘Computer Idee” Magazine

egbert34×45.jpgDear Mynglers,

Myngle is on the cover of the leading dutch computer magazine “Computer Idee”. A great 5-page coverstory about Myngle. Journalist Sylvie van Nieuwerburgh took real lessons with Myngle teacher ‘Spanish Teacher” and describes her experiences. She describes the abundance of languages taught on Myngle, she describes how to create the account and book a lesson with the teacher. She describes how she communicates via the virtual classroom with her teacher and that it is really easy after all.


A very nice story, also containing information about the fact that the voice communication in Myngle’s virtual classrooms is going via Skype.

Please click to view the Myngle coverstory

 P.S. Did you know 11.000 users registered on Myngle in the last 4 months?

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One Comment on “Myngle coverstory in ‘Computer Idee” Magazine”

  1. Masreya Says:

    WOOOW Alf MAbrook ( a thousand congrats ) to myngle 😀
    first on tv, now the magazine, its all so exciting
    thanks for giving us non Dutch speakers a brief on the article said, i checked it and it looks great
    best of luck guys 😀