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Myngle’s first TV appearance

egbert34×45.jpgHi all,
Please see below a link to Myngle’s first TV appearance on Amsterdam Inc local television:

The filmcrew has been filming in our office for about 1,5 hour. The item also shows a fragment of a real live lesson.
Overall a good item,  ending with critical professor from the University, having doubts about our quality control. One extra reason to keep communicating our quality control instruments being:

  • feedback system
  • certification of teachers
  • Free offering of quality course material (currently 12 languages).

But overall a nice item. We will try to use the rough filmmaterial to make a better demo.
P.S. How do you like the office?

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3 Comments on “Myngle’s first TV appearance”

  1. Dennis Goedegebuure Says:

    Woohaa, Egbert on TV…
    congrats, well done. You are made for this.


  2. egbert Says:

    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for the compliment. It was a nice thing to do.

    What language are you learning on Myngle?


  3. Masreya Says:

    Hi Egbert 😀
    i just watched Myngle on tv,i saw it in Dutch, understood half of it but was very easy to get the meaning of the rest , MABROOK ( Congrats ) 😀
    the office looked very homey and comfortable, love the colors and the greens ,and it wasnt very clear, but im almost sure you have a fantastic view, good for you 😀
    always the best wishes