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Myngle’s first public appearance

avv.jpg Myngle’s first public appearance was a success

Yesterday, Myngle made it’s first public appearance as an innovator at the innovation day that was part of the inspirationweek, held in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Amongst the other invitees there were many big names, as you can see by the sign below. inspiration day

Egbert and myself were present to demonstrate the current beta version of Myngle to a diverse crowd of students, cross-industry managers, investors, inventors and other interested people.

 egbert_andres_inspd inspdinspd2

The feedback we got from our audience was very positive. Some came up with new ideas and applications that are really usable for future versions. Others were interested in the company and the technique, but almost everybody we spoke was excited and wanted to know when they could be part of the Myngle community as either a student or teacher!

Some even gave us their vote for ‘best demo’ of the exhibition! We did not win the prize unfortunately. I guess we will need to earn everlasting fame the regular way 😉


I can conclude this post by saying that it was great to stand at that exhibition and tell all about Myngle, It was even better to see the enthousiastic reaction of the public. They are ready to Myngle!

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One Comment on “Myngle’s first public appearance”

  1. danilo Says:

    Excellent to hear it went well! Congrats to the presenters!