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Economy effects due to shortages of foreign language skills

egbert34×45.jpg Hey everyone,

Before we decided to start building Myngle Marina spent an enormous effort in market research and analysing the language market.  These days you do not necessarily need to hire an expensive market research company because our friends from Google are making all the knowledge in the world about language learning accessible to anyone.

That’s how a simple query ends on a site from the European Union, where you can find studies concerning language learning and teaching, an enormous pool of data about languages in Europe.

It is so much data that I will even save you from summarizing it but I will sum up a few intersting findings here:

  • 11% of exporting European small business enterprises (945,000 companies) are losing business because of lack of language skills.
  • English is a key language for gaining access to export markets. However, the
    survey results suggest that the picture is far more complex than the much-quoted
    view that English is the world language. Russian is extensively used in Eastern
    Europe as a lingua franca (along with German and Polish). French is used to trade in
    areas of Africa and Spanish is used similarly in Latin America.
  • A high proportion of businesses (48% across the sample) claimed to offer language
    training to their staff, with 15 countries exceeding a 50% return and only one falling
    below 20%. However, both small and large companies say they prefer to recruit staff who already have language skills rather than having to invest in training.

This last remark might be because until now it is time consuming and expensive to have someone go through the traditional way of learning languages. Perhaps there will be a solution soon to solve this problem. A solution that allows employees to get regular private online lessons from the comfort of their home or even their office 🙂

I’ll be coming back soon with more interesting data.

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3 Comments on “Economy effects due to shortages of foreign language skills”

  1. Site value, Google, Gmail & Merrill Lynch Says:

    […] Economy personalty cod to shortages of external module skills […]

  2. carlo simonini Says:

    Per Marina Tognetti.
    Saklve, sono Carlo Simonini, titolare delle scuole di lingue Benedict di Modena, Genova e La Spezia e master franchiser per l’Italia del Gruppo Benedict.

    Vorremmo offrire un corso (o una piattaforma), di lingua italiana on line ad alcuni nostri clienti privati ed aziendali.
    Vorremmo associarci a voi, o convenzionarci, o acquistare un certo numero di password da offrire ai clienti.
    Vorremmo sapere quali siano le condizioni e se a voi interessa la nostra richiesta, prima di rivolgerci ad altro fornitore.
    Spero vorrà rispondermi con cortese sollecitudine.
    Nel ringraziarla le porgo cordiali saluti
    Carlo Simonini

  3. carlo simonini Says:

    Per Marina Tognetti
    Non so se il precedente messaggio è partito e poichè non trovo la vs E-mail sul sito, le chiedo di rispondermi attraverso questo mezzo.
    Sono il titolare di alcune scuole di lingue e vorrei offrire ai nostri clienti privati ed aziendali, un corso (o una piattaforma), virtuale di lingua italiana.
    Vorrei quindi sapere come entrare in partnership con voi, associarci, acquistare passwoord, ecc.
    Se gentilmente mi risponde, fermo qui la mia ricerca.
    Con i più cordiali saluti
    Carlo Simonini