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My introduction!

myngleklein.jpg Hi dear friends, I want to tell you something about myself: my origin.
Some people wonder what kind of funny animal I am, with my glasses and my big smile.
Well, I was born to be friendly, and I like to speak with friends and strangers.

Some people think I’m an owl, because of my big glasses. No, although I try to be wise, my glasses are to read all the languages in the world, and see the world through magnifying lenses.
My creators were thinking of giving me a form that would be beyond cultures and races and countries, and would appeal to anyone.
Also, I really like languages, but not just studying, what I like most is talking, communicating. If you talk to me, I’ll learn your language, any language, as long as you have the patience to teach me.

Yes, I’m a parrot. A unique parrot flying to hear new languages, learn new words, repeat after you. Please, don’t mind my pronunciation, I’ll get it right if I make sufficient practice. And on Myngle platform – which carries my name – you all can learn a language focusing on conversation. We want to learn a new language in order to share some type of communication, whether it is for work or personal, for talking to friends or traveling abroad.

Talking about me, I wanted to make a note to the most famous parrot ever, Alex, who died about one month ago at 31 years. Why was he famous? Because he could speak with 100 words, count small numbers, but especially, he also seemed being able to answer questions not mechanically repeating words but thinking. He was a smart parrot.

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Follow me in this new adventure, and together we will learn new words, new languages, and – why not? – also about the new cultures that native teachers all over the world bring with them.

Do you want to learn with me?
Click here to register for our beta launch and be one of the first to teach or learn a language through Myngle!

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