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An important day

marina-klein.jpg Today is a day to be remembered in the brief history of Myngle: Myngle BV was officially born! We have finalized the incorporation, made all the paperwork needed, put our precious signatures, and it was done.

incorporation_mission_statement.PNG It was a great moment for Egbert and myself (Valter and Danilo were a bit too far to be personally attending… Hong Kong and Brazil, but I’m sure they were there with us in their thoughts…). I would have liked to have take a picture taken for our future memories, but I didn’t want to seem too unprofessional in front of the notary, so I kept the camera in my bag in the solemnity of the moment.

So, welcome to all of you initial founding partners of Myngle BV!

I hope all together we will make of this Myngle dream a great reality, and one day we will be able to look back and say: ‘I was there when it all started!’

In a few years we will smile when thinking back of the troublesome first months…

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2 Comments on “An important day”

  1. Judy Stevens Says:

    Great idea. Long overdue. Look forward to being a part of Myngle. My son, Cameron, INSEAD alum, sent me your info. I have been thinking about this very idea for some time. Sorry can’t assist on the finance advice side but am a qualified teacher.May you grow from strength to strength.
    Warm regards,
    Judy Stevens

  2. marina Says:

    Thank you Judy,

    and we hope you willi follow us in this adventure, come to our website and give us some ideas from time to time, teach or learn, or just to say ‘hello’.
    If you have any suggestion from your own thoughts about ths or ideas you’d like to share, we are always happy to hear them.

    Warm regards,