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Preparing, preparing, preparing…………….;

EgbertSo here we are, having introduced ourselves, making some blogposts, having a temporary homepage leaving many questions and you will surely wonder what is going on and when. Well I can assure you…. a lot is happening. All of us are working very hard, preparing to get the platform ready as soon as possible. You may not see this on the front end, but I estimate more than 1 thousand hours are put already in preparing for that great moment…… The launch….
Marina, Marili, Danilo ,Valter and Peter did spend most of these hours on Myngle already, as they are working full time on the dream already for months. Since I am in my notice period for eBay I spend my time on Myngle mostly on weekends and in the evenings. Many people ask if this is tiring for me, well it is not because I get so much energy back from the work that I can’t wait to focus full time on Myngle. Next to our own efforts, contractors are working overtime to get things going. In the meantime we continue building the team and creating the groundwork for a scalable, worldwide platform. For me it is good to work again with marina, as we did work together for 3-4 years already in eBay side by side, so we know where we complement each other. The rest of the team is so energized and talented, that I look forward to a fantastic journey together.
We have many reactions on the idea and on our blogging posts, both directly in the comments, but also via e-mails and connection requests via Linked In. Interesting thing is…..everybody is so enthusiastic about the idea, that is really motivating. In all communications you can feel that something special is happening.
Now, be back soon to hear more about Myngle, the platform and the people.

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3 Comments on “Preparing, preparing, preparing…………….;”

  1. astrid Says:

    Hi Egbert,

    It is good to see your enthusiasm for your new venture/challenge. (to be honest I didn’t expect anything else from you ;-).
    I’m looking forward to the Myngle platform!
    Wish you all te best (all of you mynglers!)


  2. egbert Says:

    Hi Astrid,

    Thank you very much. Be sure that I will let you know all about Myngle’s progress.
    All the best for your new venture as well.

    I hope to see you soon again.


  3. DavidDP Says:

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