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How do you learn a foreign language?

MarinaIt is true that everybody is different, and for that reason, Myngle wants to offer a solution that matches the individual needs. In order to do so, we want to understand learners, why and how they study a foreign language, what their needs are…



Did you know that…?
(Myngle Survey ‘Learning Mandarin as foreign language’)

Lack of time is seen as the main reason for giving-up studying Mandarin.
31% of learners declared time (lack of) as main reason to quit, compared to 22% that felt having reached the needed level.

Wouldn’t be nice to have a way of studying that is both completely flexible and convenient in time and location?

To practice speaking skills, by far the most useful is contact with Chinese natives outside teaching hours (friends, colleagues, clients), as indicated by 59% of respondents. More than one third of respondents declared that the practice offered in class was not sufficient.

So what if you do not have a Chinese friend, colleague or client living nearby?

By far the most important language capabilities are speaking and listening ability, more than 80% declared these are very or extremely important.

Shouldn’t then this be the focus in learning, especially for beginners?

“The best way of learning a language, is by speaking it” as more then half respondents indicated.

Your experience is welcome!

And what about you, how do you want your language learning experience?
Tell us, and we will make good use of it…
By the way, you can help us even more if you leave your ideas in a survey.
The more we understand your expectations, the better will Myngle fits your needs.

To access the survey, just click on the link below:
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Thank you!

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One Comment on “How do you learn a foreign language?”

  1. MButler Says:

    In my experience when people say the reason for giving up on language study is lack of time this explanation hides a deeper,more difficult to uncover reason。 I would say, lack of time is more often an excuse rather than an explanation。

    Usually it reflects on a lack of committment (who wants to admit to this?} or even a misunderstanding of the effort required。 But usually it is because the person is not enjoying the process and THAT makes him or her question the time committment。

    Two other question that could substitute here are related to
    1。 It was too much effort
    2。 I didn‘t enjoy the learning process。