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French, Russian and English teacher



Welcome to study languages!    Aug 20 09:23AM
Teaches: French, Russian and English
Speaks: Russian (native), English (Proficient), French (Proficient), Spanish (Basic), German (Basic)
Courses: 8
Classes taught: 686
Location Lausanne, Switzerland (Switzerland - Zurich - +01:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 44  
Gender: Female  
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Professional Experience
Pedagogical University Diploma Foreign Languages Teacher DALF C2
Offline teaching experience: 20
Online teaching experience: 7
1993- so far Teaching of English, French and Russian at a secondary school, college, Institute and University
Personal Information
English I’m a professionally qualified FL teacher. I have a diploma of a Russian Pedagogical University, foreign languages (French/English) department which I graduated in 1994 and since then I haven’t stopped my teaching activity so my teaching experience is more than 20 years. I worked both as a secondary school and a university teacher. For about 10 years I worked as a senior teacher of one Moscow University. I also have 7 years experience in online teaching. I can teach using Russian, English or French, as an experienced teacher I am kind, patient and amicable with my students. Hope to see you soon. French Je suis professeur diplômé des langues étrangère. En 1994 J’ai terminé la faculté des langues étrangères ( français - anglais) de l’Université Pédagogique en Russie et depuis j’enseigne toujours des langues. Mon expérience professionnel est plus que 20 ans. J’ai beaucoup d'expérience de travail à l’école secondaire et à l’Université . Près que 10 ans j’ai travaillé comme professeur supérieur dans une Université a Moscou. J’ai aussi 7 ans d’expérience d’enseignement en line. Je peux donner des cours en Anglais, français ou Russe. Je suis professeur expérimentée et toujours gentille, patiente, amicale avec mes étudiants. J’ espère on se verra bientôt. Русский Здравствуйте, я - профессиональный преподаватель Английского и Французского языков (диплом педагогического университета), носитель Русского языка, проживающий в данный момент в Швейцарии. Более 10 лет я работала преподавателем одного Московского Университета (МГАУ), где преподавала различные дисциплины на английском / французском языках и выполняла различные виды устных и письменных переводов. Могу проводить занятия на Русском, Английском или Французском языках. Я-опытный преподаватель, который всегда терпелив, дружелюбен и добр со своими студентами. До скорой встречи.
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100 Lessons
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    50 Lessons
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    30 Lessons
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    10 Lessons
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  • €276/package
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  • €32.3/lesson
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  • €323/package
  • USD 360.44

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    Students Feedback: 503
     Posted on December 06 2009
    The teacher gave me a very practical and useful advice in chosing the course for me with very fair and honest opinions.
     Posted on August 24 2009
    Perfect first lesson, tiring but inspiring.
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