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German, English and Spanish teacher



Please contact me by mail to arrange lesson times!    Jan 31 03:06PM
Teaches: German, English and Spanish
Speaks: German (native), English (Advanced), Spanish (Upper-Intermediate), French (Pre-Intermediate)
Courses: 4
Classes taught: 1186
Location Gandia, Valencia, Spain (Mainland, Baleares, Melilla, Ceuta - Madrid - +01:00 GMT/UTC )  
Age: 40  
Gender: Undefined  
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Professional Experience
Offline teaching experience: 21
Online teaching experience: 8
If you are interested in learning a foreign language easily and with quick outcome Yulia is the perfect instructor for you! Yulia combines 20 years of language teaching experience with consolidated knowledge about didactics and psychology of learning. ****Yulia started teaching foreign languages and German as a foreign language in 1993. During her time at university (Yulia studied psychology, e-learning didactics and languages) she taught English, French and German for several tutoring agencies. Since 2006 she has developed many e-learning concepts in the context of language learning and in 2011 she started her own online academy of foreign languages. Her language lessons are always focused on the individual purposes of each student and therefore she offers flexible and tailor-made classes in which you will learn easily and with fun.
Personal Information
Yulia has always been a language fancier. In school she learnt English, French, Latin, Spanish and Italian as well as the basics of Norwegian and Dutch. Her interest in foreign countries and culture brought her to many places in Europe like Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, France, Czech republic, Poland and the USA. In 2005 she moved from the south of Germany to Luxembourg and one year later she could fulfill her big desire to live at the Mediterranean coast by moving to Gandia, a small college town in the south of Valencia. Yulia teaches her mother tongue German as a foreign language as well as Spanish for beginners and she works as a Business Coach for several companies and clients in Spain.
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  • €419/package
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    Students Feedback: 362
     Posted on February 03 2012
    Yulia has patiently handled all my mistakes for a month and never fails to turn up to a class with a sunny, positive mentality. Learning from Yulia doesn't feel like learning even ...
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